Why Is the Biker Jacket for Men So Important?

After the First World War, things in America were going brilliantly. The boom was expected to last forever but the Wall Street crash of 1929 shook the world, as its effects expanded on to engulf the western civilization and propel them into the great depression. Yet, these nations clawed their way out and were able to revitalize their economies. This resilience was witnessed again during the period of WWII when nations fought to keep their economies functioning and afloat. It was after this war, though, that some amazing things happened. People seemed to wake up. They had been badly shaken twice and it was time for changes; women liberation front began, the biker culture emerged and so on. Biker leather jackets for men were born as a result.

The emergence of this culture was extremely significant. This is because this culture was a celebration of non-conformity to the norms and mainstream culture. The biker jacket for men was not a simple jacket, nor was it just an article of clothing. It was a symbol and a unifying force. And it became the uniform of this culture. But how can a jacket symbolize all that? To answer that question, we must first look a bit into the history of these jackets. In the early 1900s, the military used leather to make their jackets sturdier. They provided greater protection against the bitter cold winds, especially for the aviators. Biker leather Jackets For Men are an extension of that trend. However, it wasn’t a trend at that time. The airplanes rarely had enclosed cockpits and the aviators needed bulky outer wear for protection. The biker jacket for men did not exist then but its roots lie there. The thing to note is that these jackets were worn by military personnel; tough, courageous men who were the heroes of their nations. But the designer Irving Schott and his brother brought this staple to the common public. 1928 was the year ‘The Perfecto Style’ was created by the Schott brothers, featuring thick cloth, heavy zipper and wide lapels. The durability and resilience of these turned them into biker leather jackets for men. 1930s saw them rise to popularity as more and more of the motorcycle aficionados took these up as their official attire. Turning a military clothing staple into the biker jacket for men was the ultimate rebellion. This outer wear that had been created by military and worn by law-abiding and model citizens, was now being worn by a group that was defying rules and customs.

The post WWII world was a world of change. And this change was being brought around by fast cars, bikes, rock & roll, and other cultural entities. War was not the answer. People had found a new way to bring about a change; the media. The biker leather jackets for men are so significant because they were a part of this phenomenon. Marlon Brandon was shown wearing The Perfecto while sitting on his motorcycle in the 1954 classic, ‘The Wild Ones’. James Dean was so fond of his jacket, he was forever wearing it! The biker jacket for men widened its boundaries as the punk rock movement adopted it in the 70s. These jackets were not an article of clothing, no. They were snatched from the government and twisted and turned into the uniforms of different cultures that emerged; cultures that were all about freedom and the right to liberty- the right to live as we wished to.

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